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Research and Development: 
Our R&D department is staffed with highly trained staff of experienced chemists. We monitor technology trends in order to understand market opportunities and unfulfilled needs. We are dedicated in developing innovative and value added products which meet the challenges and performance improvements required in the respective industries. We are actively exploring opportunities which stretch both business and technology boundaries. We are skilled at performing industry standard test methods and are fully capable of developing new test methods to meet unique requirements. After development, the R&D department works closely with the engineering group to conceptualize the process which will be used on a commercial scale.
Quality Control:
Quality Control is the most key department of all our management system. Under the supervision of highly skilled chemists, the incoming raw material is tested and verified within purchasing specifications before it is released to the manufacturing process. We need to ensure all in-process testing is in accordance with specified product. Prior to shipment, the final product is tested and approved according to rigorous internal standards. We also maintain COA and testing documentation to ensure product traceability.
Environment and Safety:
Safety is the first priority. Our employees are trained to operate and conduct our business in a safe, injury free and environmentally responsible manner. We strive to manufacture, handle, transport and dispose of our chemical products safely. We also work with our customers, carriers, suppliers and distributors to encourage them to comply with our safety and environmental codes. We place an emphasis on developing eco-friendly products. We are committed to energy saving and carbon reduction. We design our processes and plant operations to minimize risk & wastage and reduce our consumption of energy and natural resources.