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We are fully committed to become and remain a reliable long-term business partner, by continuing to offer competitive prices combined with the best possible service for our customers.
Reliable supply
Chengshuai is recognized by its numerous customers as a truly reliable supplier. As a chemical producer serving its global customers, our cooperating factories continuously improves its manufacturing capability. Our supply chain is integrated from sales forecasting, raw material purchases, production planning and finished product distribution. We maintain safety stocks for our customers at our warehouse for on-time delivery.
Technical support
With deep knowledge in polymer additives and strong R&D capabilities, we can offer a wide range of application support services to our customers. We are able to give advice and guide out clients in the development of formulations of new products in order to help them maintain and develop their presence in the market.
Efficient logistics
With its capabilities and logistics resources, our global logistics team makes multi-mode transportation go smoothly via truck, container, vessel and airplane in the globe. We are able to supply our customers with all types of operative logistics necessary for secure, efficient and correct management of all products.